The Works of Stephen Sondheim

Miranda Crispin collaborated on a two-week intensive session on the works of Stephen Sondheim with international stage director David Gardiner and pianist John Florencio, organized by American Musical Theatre Live! Paris. Performers presented a final showcase at the Rendez Vous d’Ailleurs Cabaret on October 31, 2013.

David Gardiner (Director), Miranda Crispin (Vocal Director/Showcase Coordination), Quentin Bruno (Choreographer), Darcy Smith (Administrator), Vincent Gillierion (Assistant), and John Florencio (Pianist)

Featuring Paris-based performers: (Caroline Archambault), Mathieu Becquerelle, Clara Benioff, Lauren Berkman, Frédéric Brodard, Quentin Bruno, Thomas Bulle, Pascale Costes, (Magali Lange), Stéphanie Morales, and Lisandro Nesis

Sondheim showcase 2013-10.2

Being Alive Sondheim master class group photo

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